Is there a Stripe iOS HomeScreen widget?

so other stripe iOS home screen widgets so if you just tap and hold and search for gland widgets and then just search for stripe app usually the app just calls stripe dashboard um so yeah then there is just no widgets uh what which features are there it's they're called a lock screen widget for which you will need iOS 16 so they've just been released and it's a new feature uh yeah where you can actually I was just looking here where yeah you can actually track some of your stats and stripe analytics right on your lock screen again this is just like a new new feature from like this is how it looks like this is just a new feature from IOS 16 and a lot of apps are developing it so actually without opening up your phone like open an app stripe app you can instantly see on on your lock screen like how how your things are going with the business and all of that so yeah it can be super interesting idea so try it out

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