Is there a way to see FRIENDS’ PAST POSTS in BeReal?

so in burial app is there a way to see friends past posts so um as they say here in support all post reset when the next period notification goes out you can view your memories for your own previous post but this is not public we want people to enjoy real life not scroll and be real so yeah that's basically the idea so here you can see that uh even if you don't post your burial you can't see anything at all so you need to post post some burial here here you can see some standard authentic burial just sitting somewhere in the street and then uh yeah you can just post it and then let's just see if uh yeah so for example i can just send it and then if i want to go to profile of some friend i i'm not able to see all the uh previous posts uh it's only the lightest post here so that's the idea um yeah that's what it is

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