so here is the original wardell app so the trick is you can find it on this website power language call uk so i at the beginning i thought that it's available on the app store or google play store there are similar apps but as i understand it's not a search for wordle it's not there there are like similar apps but this is not that original one so there is wardle app this one but this one is not the original app and there is wardrobe's game which is quite similar so the word is game is super similar to the uh original wordle game but this is the the app which is going viral it's basically just a website power line which called uk and basically each day there is a new wordle if you just tap then you will see that the next word of like is in 11 hours so that's the trick of this app that you just have one wardle per uh per day and everyone is just like super excited about it and right now new york times just actually acquired this website for seven years um so yeah that's uh that's the idea um so yeah again a wordle app is not available on app app store or google play store or galaxy store anything like that you can access it by website power language code dot uk that's where you can find it and then here you can just find all the settings and hollow that

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