Is there a Wordle app on Google Play/Android?

hey everyone so i'm just trying to find if there is wardle app on google play store uh so here you can just see that there is wardle app but this is not the wordle that has recently taken twitter by storm also we too are fans this wardel was first released back in 2018 and has been longly developed ever since if you like world games this is it but that's not the the app wardell 2 that's also not the one app actually uh there are a bunch of fake wordle apps because uh yeah and as you can see here world is not on android it's not also on app store on ios wordle app is just on a domain um and it's was purchased by new york times so you can find it here just search new york times slash game slash wordle so that's basically how you can access it on android so yeah there you have it uh yep so [Music] wordle is not on google play so hope that is helpful and thank you for watching that

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