Is there an Obimy Lockscreen widget?

Is there an Obimy Lockscreen widget?

During a recent inquiry, it was asked if there is an Obimy lockscreen widget available. To investigate, the settings menu was accessed in order to add a lockscreen widget and search for the Obimy app. Unfortunately, upon searching, it was discovered that an Obimy lockscreen widget is not currently available.

While lockscreen widgets may not be an option yet, there is good news for users seeking to customize their home screens. The latest version of Obimy now offers homescreen widgets. Users can simply update their app to access this new feature.

In fact, there are three distinct types of homescreen widgets that can be installed with the latest version of Obimy. The possibilities range from displaying a widget featuring your best friend, to one showcasing your crush. The choice is yours.

So, while the Obimy lockscreen widget may not exist at this time, users can still personalize their home screens with the newly introduced homescreen widgets. The update has made it easier than ever to add a touch of personalization and flair to your device. Stay tuned for further developments and updates from Obimy.

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