Is there Heardle app on App Store or Google Play Store?

so here's hurdle app um it's going viral it's like wordle but for audio tracks so if i just tap a plus let's just explore if uh yeah if the hurdle app has a separate app on app store or google play store so if i just search for hurdle and then just tap search uh yeah i don't think we'll find any app here i don't think there is there is like a uh oops there is like a separate app [Music] uh so yep anyways i don't think that this app is available either on app store or google play store or if you just search in google it's not there and it's not in google play store if you search so it's not on android as well so you can access it on iphone or android just by going via browser so there you have it uh yeah just go to hurdle dot app and you should be okay

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