Is there just ONE WORDLE per DAY?

so is there just one wardel per day yes that's correct if you are playing the original viral wardl game you'd only have one quest per day and i'm talking about power language website so this is the original wordle app developed by uh like solo developer there are a bunch of apps in the in the app store war dues and wardle but these are not the ones which uh which are going viral on twitter and these are not the one which new york times just bought but yeah if you're playing this original one every day there is just one quiz and then when you solved it you can just share it on twitter and then there is next wordle in like depending when you played for example i just played this right now and then next wordle is in 11 hours so there you have it and then yeah you can see your statistics you can see number of games you played a number of wins you have current strike mag strike and all of that hope that can be helpful

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