Is ToonMe Cartoon Photo Editor app SAFE TO USE?

so here is this app tune me carton photo editor and you can see this app right now it's in the top chart of the like of the app store and basically this app helps you to create like a profile pictures basically you upload your profile picture and then you create kind of cartoon image but like um there is another app uh by this same developer we can just see it on the app store and and this developer also developed new profile pic picture editor and like i actually don't know if to me app is quite safe because there were rumors about this other app that it's not actually that safe to use because you give access to some random app to all your photos um just to all your image gallery and seems both of these apps have some like roots to some russian developer form so it's actually not that safe i would guess at this moment to give access to other image gallery to all your photos to to this developer um also it's a bit suspicious that's out of nowhere these two apps are like just in top charts in the us app store um so yeah like i think you just need to look for some alternative apps i wouldn't install this app and of course i wouldn't so if you see already installed it before but at this moment i wouldn't install it and i wouldn't give access to to my camera roll and if you if you use this app already maybe just write a developer team to ask to like delete your personal data information however there might be no guarantee that they can do that um so because a lot of these apps just using can use so much personal data for ai research and just to create their database and all of that like so yeah like sometimes you should be just quite careful with randomly downloading some like top trending apps i can sometimes do that but just uh yeah just double check especially if you give access to a lot of your personal data your personal images and all of that uh and also if you already did that you can just remove uh access in your settings so for example if you had this app installed or you have this installed you can just remove access here just go to search for the app and make sure that this app doesn't have access to your personal photos and yeah so that's what you can do thank you for watching

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