Is TravelBoast app on Android?

easter boss app available on android so here is their website the story of your travels the top app for traveling create awesome videos about your journeys for instagram or tick tock show your route on animated indiana jones style map so as you can see this app is available on app store on ios but it's not on google play at the moment so nope it's not available on android on google play unfortunately but at least there is like an icon here and it's grayed out usually it means that the app should be available soon because if if developers don't plan to develop it completely they will just have like you know usually just app store icon and that's it but here it just says grayed out a lot of cases it just can mean that problems i will release it quite soon but i'm not sure of course but you can always just reach out to them info if you yeah if you have uh yeah if if this app will be available on android so hope that is helpful

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