Is TRUTH SOCIAL app only available in UNITED STATES?

is true social app only available in united states um i think yes at this moment that's the the issue like so it's only available in united states um yep uh i don't know about canada or your i don't think it's available via europe so if you try to create your account from europe or uk or you know asia or something you will see an arrow something went wrong or you just wouldn't be able to create your account at this moment i don't know about any other plans like how to overcome that of course you can find some ways to do that but uh yeah like uh when there will be a release to to the uh the european markets and to all other markets i don't know all the details um so there you have it but anyways still even if you create your account there is a huge waiting list in the app and then um yep so you will have a waiting list and that's the issue here and then you will just see your waitlist number and that's about it so yeah

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