Is Truth Social app TRASH? FULL OVERVIEW

so i'm just going here through the true social ios app reviews you sometimes you have something like five star reviews sometimes you have people with one star like saying that the app is like absolute trash or something like that so yet like to be honest i think it's somewhere in the middle uh be up like so the main issues are like let's say them uh first like the massive white list uh to get in the app you needed to sign up uh so here is you can see there a lot of one-star reviews because of the whitelist so you needed to sign up then you receive the invitation a mile and you see that your number like hundred thousand or one million something then uh you can't log in basically then when you try to go to the app it can show another number after a few days and then you can get another email in a few weeks and then your weightless number can become even higher or something so there is definitely some issue there then you won't receive any update for weeks and in my case you can get probably you can get access after four weeks after months even after a few months so you never know if you signed up very early maybe it takes four weeks maybe it would take even longer then there are like a lot of very small but annoying bugs like if you want to reset password or something like that sometimes your reset email password just doesn't arrive anywhere so some confirmation links don't arrive uh app is buggy like even the process of creating an account can take a long time and some links doesn't don't work maybe maybe some of these bugs are already fixed then the app itself is uh yeah so as you can see a lot of reviews here just these people annoyed with the white list so that's the main issue nobody expected that it would be such an issue with the white list like how many users can there be there like i don't know like few dozens of millions like you of course the app can go down but you should be prepared to have like better server or something like that to be prepared for that and only then launch your app um uh so yeah you can see a lot of people still on the waitlist for for many weeks uh but some people still like the app and then the app itself is was said that it's open source first the app developers didn't recognize that but then they were pushed to tell prominently that they are like this app the code the core code of the app is basically just copied from some open source github repository so like master don't or i don't know what's the app which was the code taken from is called but something like that and yeah so it's not like some advanced you know architecture or anything so i will just show you around here so here is the app you have like four tabs uh you can follow and follow accounts you have your feed it looks exactly like twitter or instagram like there are like small differences like instead of you know writing a tweet you just have a truth uh or instead of like uh you know retweeting it's just like called retro so you're really trusting or something like that uh so and then here is design is quite minimalistic i mean some people like it but maybe other people just expect it more from this then you can just have your profile which is also like very basic you can edit your profile remember to reserve your username on the beginning stages because then it's not possible or like in the beginning and then just have your profile have blocks mutes uh and then you have security preferences and that's it also a good sign that you can delete your account right from the app here uh because some apps are hiding this option somewhere it's good that you can they included it here so in case you want to just delete your account right away after using this app you can easily do it from here so there you have it um yeah then messages messages don't work yet so it says a new direct messaging experience will be available soon please stay tuned so it's not available yet so you can follow unfollow people here but it's not possible to to dm uh someone yet then there are a lot of accounts you will be like oh there are like wall street bats and all of that but these accounts are just basically bots so it says this account is an rss feed aggregating button is not managed by or affiliated with the references reference news outlet uh so yeah so there you have it so there is not enough traction yet i would say so there are a lot a lot of accounts you can follow but uh it's not enough you know of original content which you can only find here there are a lot of this account bots which are just getting like rss feeds from some other services uh so it's it doesn't this app doesn't reach yet this uh content you know like exclusivities that you want to log in here every day even if you're in this in community that you want to use apps like rumble or true social or all of that but yeah uh let's see how this app develops because definitely there is a niche for these apps in this like right-wing community uh but yeah there you have it just an overview probably you will just need to update this app like quite often because there are like bug fixes here and there uh all the time and yeah so there you have it that's the app what do you think what do you like what you don't like and yeah

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