Is Velomingo app on Android?

is following velocity edit maker app in Google Play Store yes it is available there um yeah you can just search for that for hello Mingo app and you will be able to find it um yeah on Android devices it's great it's available so if you don't have iOS device if you don't like it uh uh yeah you can always use it on Android of course it's available on IOS app store it's in top charts right now in the IOS app store in in United States at least but also you can use it on Android and Google Play Store easily however there are like two apps I don't know for which reason the response from Blackford John Studio it has 5.6 5.7 K reviews and there is another one which also has 50 000 plus downloads and only has 360 C's uh writings reviews um so yeah you can see this one was updated on October 3rd the last one and this one is updated on September 29th honestly I don't know why there are even like two apps uh but yeah uh there you have it yeah you can use it on Android Google Play Store

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