Is Widgetable Pet Update Already on Android?

The Vegetable app, popular among users, has been eagerly anticipated for its pad feature on Android. The app had promised to release the pad feature in their August update, but it is unclear if it is included in the 1st August update. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm this as I do not have an iOS device. However, a quick search through recent reviews suggests that the pad option is not yet available for Android users.

There is a review from July 31st stating that pads are not available on Android, but there are no reviews yet for the August 1st update. If you are an Android user, I recommend updating the app to see if the pads feature is indeed included. If not, there is still hope for future updates.

On iOS devices, the Vegetable app already includes the pads feature. Users can hatch out pads, co-parent them, and even invite friends to join in the co-parenting experience. The feature seems intuitive and engaging, and Android users are eagerly anticipating its arrival in August.

As of now, it remains uncertain if the Vegetable app's pad feature is available on Android. Users are advised to update the app and keep an eye out for any upcoming updates that may introduce the pads feature. It is hoped that Android users will be able to enjoy the same functionality as their iOS counterparts in the near future.

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