Is WidgetShare app available in Samsung Galaxy Store?

hey there so is widget share app available in samsung galaxy store so let's just find out um i think vgr should be available on ios and then on android but you can see it's not even here it's not on the list of these apps you can only see some other widgets but not this one widget share is kind of like a viral app [Music] where you can send each other photos and notes and they will appear on the on the home screen and here is the original app it's available at least on iphone and there is also locket widget and there is whiteboard app so here is the app which you can try out it's also available on ipad but not on samsung galaxy store no so not sure maybe i think maybe it is really available on android so we can check that out so just so yep there you have it widget share is available on google play so there you have it so yep it's there hope that is helpful

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