Is Wizz app available on Android/Google Play Store?

in this video let's check out if there is this app on Google Play Store so it is available on iPhone in case you want to search it on Android device so let's just try to find it for you and then as you can see it's not available for some reason on Google Play Store and Android I was actually pretty surprised because it's not a new app it was there for a while but yeah it's not on on Android like strange and I'm not talking about like a flight booking app or like our company I'm talking about this online chatting app which is kind of a growing up in the social media charts uh so yeah let me just show there is some some glitch here so if I just search for this app here it is we just make new friends developed by BLB so in case it appears in Google Play Store make sure to check out that developers vlp because maybe there will be some clones for stuff like that um hope that is helpful and you don't need to spend time searching for it on Google Play Store

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