hello everyone so is there a wardell app as a separate app on android so as i understand no it is not uh so the original wordle app is basically web app so it's just a website dot co dot power language basically on uk domain uh and yeah of course you can access this via android web browser like google chrome and also on ios you can just use safari or any other browser but if we are talking about you know is there is a wardrobe app in google play store no it's not there it is also not in the in the app store there are a bunch of other apps but these are not the original viral apps there is wardo's app which is basically super similar to a wardle app but this is not the one viral app where you have like you know every day is recent new world puzzle and you need to solve it um so no you can just access this app going to and every day there is a puzzle and then if you solve it the next word will appears in in after 24 hours as i understand so hope this is helpful

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