Ivory for Mastodon - quick preview

here's interesting app I already found masterton by tapots you know so yeah and this is the one of the clients for Mastodon it's a brand new app that brings over a thousand years of experience building the award-winning tweetbot for Twitter but now tweet bought you know seems it's over because Twitter just removed some apis and some things and it just makes it harder for apps like that to function anymore so now they focusing on the Mastodon and yeah this is one of the clients which you can download it's very early access and you need to have um RS 15.6 or later and it's one of the top mastering clients for iOS and Mac you can see all of the statistics you can see notifications you can see settings uh yes pretty cool app uh nice visual and sound design management app icons bookmark boss like parfum filters you know like Mastodon is pretty complicated app to start with like yeah people just trying to figure it out it just take weeks I don't know but so and but the plus plus is that Macedon is super decentralized and yeah it's just a matter of finding the right client for Macedon which makes it a bit easier visually and more understandable for you uh so yeah that's basically uh how it works unfortunately I can't install it yet but I will be able to do it uh later just bringing your attention that if you don't understand Mastodon or you like Mason but you're just looking for a better client definitely look for this Ivory by tap Bots they build like super popular tweetbot app uh for Twitter so yeah try it out

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