Jackpocket Lottery app - quick overview

so here is the app which is called Jack pocket lottery app so let's try to install it it's uh you can see here it's it's growing up in popularity probably there was some kind of event uh and yeah that's why this app is growing High uh you can play the lottery from home get the lottery ticket is delivered right to your phone with Jack pocket there is a limited amount of states in United States where you can do that it's not available elsewhere in other countries around the world as I understand uh so yeah you can just play some real lottery so it's not some like you know online game it's not like trivia and stuff like that it's a real lottery so where you can play Mega Millions Powerball and more official lottery games in your state get automatic alerts when you win and receive prices check out your results pick your number see your ticket it has 87 000 ratings it's not a new app uh but yeah there you have it that's let's have it working you can jump in the pool uh you can then just play you can add some fonts send there are some pools uh then there's auto play results and orders and all of that so that's basically the idea of the app just a quick preview how it works uh you need to create your account for free with your email and I guess you ask phone number and then that's it then you need to find your account hope that can be helpful

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