Jelly Toys - Slime Simulator - App overview

here is the app jelly toys slime simulator so this is the app like kind of stress relieving app which can help you out to to relax just basically you can use it on your phone you can relax and play play jelly find toys so for example you know if you're stressing the office or somewhere at work this can you can use this app just for a nice break and it's like very kind of satisfying um and you can just get this quick dopamine hits with realistic slime simulator um gelato is your portal to peace of mind and innocent fun once you open the app you will instantly drop into the world of juicy colors relaxing sounds and aesthetically pleasing textures choose a gummy squishy slime stretch squeeze poke or do whatever you want with it and use yourself in the sensory paradise of sim mr simulation so susan so satisfying um so yeah the app has a size of 244 megabytes so this is not like a small app but yeah there you have it so let's just wait until it's installed so there are like 5000 plus rating 4.3 uh average rating so that's pretty okay uh um yeah a lot of reviews just found out it's really good so last time i tried to play this game i did not show any of the puppets and the puppet pop it's going to get that right and i could not do it um so and this visitor started to pay for it and yeah so there you have it um so then this app is just loading it's just take time you can allow to track you can allow to get notifications [Music] if you want you can i guess upgrade and then there you have you have all these different filters and then yeah it's just so then you can just break it out or something like that so you can just play with it it's just there like some premium place like pikachu so you can subscribe for 4.99 per week three days freeze and 4.99 per week out to renewable cancel anytime so you can do that [Music] slimes nature all the pops like yummy stuff so you can also try that it's just depends on the just so you can try this out as well and then yes you can try it like this but then again there are like free versions and then there are paid versions um so yeah something like that here you can rotate your device and just move around popcorn so a lot of this like you know is kind of stupid but also things which can relieve stress and all of that and then there are like some top games which uh yeah so but you see my my phone i have iphone sends pretty old phone like it's pretty buggy actually so i'm not sure like how exactly that's working like yeah it's it's a bit buggy might be if you have like you know iphone 13 promox or something like that that will work out better for you but other than that um yeah there you have it that's the app hope you have an idea how it works you can always contact um you can of course if you upgrade it on one device you can restore this purchase on other device and all of that other than that thank you so much

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