Jobcase app - full overview & how to use?

here is job case app so let's just install it so just tap get to install the app and then you can use a touch id or face id to install it so here is the app find the job that's right for you apply instantly to jobs near you get support from community share profile with single tab uh so that's the idea get a profile get instant job recommendations connect with others i think yeah there aren't that many reviews yet but yeah there that's what you have here then you just select all these standard settings and then you can just create an account in job case app so let's just continue with my apple id and let's see what brings you to job case find a better job and then you just continue set job preferences where you want to work so then you can just set and then yep so here you can just uh add the jobs and there you have it and then you can just create a profile with your like cv and or upload your cv or you can just do it later and but there you have it now you have your community there are find jobs questions different resources and notifications and then you can just manage your profile from here so that's the idea that's where you can find all these different jobs this is your account you can add work experience education prices licenses skills so that's that um and that's basically the idea you can see all the interesting jobs recommended jobs so yeah you can just scroll them you can just bookmark them i think yeah this app is not you know for like super prestigious jobs or stuff like that this model mostly for uh i think like either some service jobs or maybe some instant jobs there is also an app called insta work where you can instantly join some interesting companies and apply there but yep there you have it so that's that's how it can work hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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