JPAY app overview & how to use?

so here is GPI app just a quick overview what it does it's one of the top apps as you can see it's quite hard in the top charts of finance apps it's one of the top apps to stay connected and transfer some money and support your incarcerated individuals you can easily send money to a trust account send and receive emails photos e-cars and videograms you can also purchase a tablet so what it does so you can just create your GPI account so how it looks like just GPI app it's actually super has super easy design kind of seems like a design but by 12 year old and then you just upgrading your account it's not possible to sign in with Google or Facebook so just select location and then you you can select like different state and then you need to enter the ID search and then proceed from there then after that after you created your account you can just log in with your email and password so that's how it works I don't have access to to the account I just have some reviews from from my viewers on the channel about this app yeah that yeah like the design is it's not that great or something you can see also the reviews they're all 12 000 ratings there is a huge demand actually for this app uh in US but the average rating is not that good also this app is available on Android or Google Play Store so it's like it does the basic job it's it's not perfect some there are some bugs here and there but it's one of the few apps which you can use in in those cases so you can send money with a credit debit card or schedule your current transfers you can purchase stamps if you want to send emails snap and send and videograms it's not possible to send messages as such as you can send on WhatsApp or messenger but you can send emails and you need for those emails you need to pay and you need to purchase stamps you can send in multiple recipients you can prepay for an email reply or transfer stamps so yeah to to also for other person to send you an email there should be some credit and stamps available so you can prepare them you can attach send photos in emails or you can just send a photo separately with SNAP and send you can send 30 second video grams set up a lost stamp balance reminder you can also purchase tablet for that for that person um with yeah within this app kind of like transfer that uh phone fun media account for tablet content uh you can also yeah just buy that subscription to to have some media options on that tablet add edit payment options and option to save card for future manager profile so these are the features uh uh which you have here uh missing emails this app has great potential but there are some bugs here and there you can see some really old reviews from two three years ago but uh yeah a lot of people replied with horrible service recently there are less bugs here and you can see that this like design is quite outdated but there you have it like there are some views and reviews and like overall it does the basic job but sometimes it's just buggy but it's one of the few apps in this category so and it's available on Android as well so just try it out

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