JPAY app quick preview & features overview

okay there are serious GPI app it's pretty popular app you can see in the finance charts uh it's quite high and it's one of the top apps actually to stay connected and support your incarcerated individuals um Japan allows you to quickly send money to a trust account send the receiving miles photos e-cards and videograms you can also purchase a tablet for a contact so here's what you can do like ideally in this description so you can send money with credit debit card once or schedule recurrent transfers so that seems that feature Works apparently from comments in my previous video about this app you can also send and receive emails I'm not sure about about messages um like some people said but you can't send messages anymore so only emails you can get new email notifications send emails to multiple recipients prepare for any mail reply or transfer stamps attention send photos send just a photo with SNAP and send 30 second videogram set up a low stamp balance reminder purchase tablet if for your contact phone media account for tablet content added payment options an option to save card for future or just manage your profile so these are the features what you can do so basically just like communication you start with the people you know there um so that's basically what you can see here uh um and that's that's just an overview so design device is very simple app uh uh but there you have it

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