Juju - play, chat, win - how to create account?

so here is another interesting app uh which is called juju play chat win so let's just tap get and try to install it uh and then i can just use touch id to install this app um here the app is about playing games and voice chatting uh so it's the popular category amount among different apps and a lot of similar apps are searching right now in the in the top charts in the app store so you can choose between four super fun multiplayer games and battle it out against your opponent or campaigns compete against yourself with our single player games turn on a microphone and use voice chat while you play to meet the person you are playing against playing games is way better when you can talk to your opponent you might even meet your new best friend win earn jumps when you have been a game the more jams you earn the higher the lead board you will be and you can see 400 ratings 4.8 out of 5 average rating so that's pretty high so let's just open the app here and then i can create an account so i can sign in with apple or with snapchat um so let's just create an account here i will usually just use apple id for me is the fastest way if you're a fan of snapchat you can just use snapchat and basically there you have it i just created an account so as i understand there are more uh than four games there are at least six like seven games and more coming soon so it seems they're adding more and more games and then you can just share on snapchat to get 200 diamonds gems so you can then just compete with other people then this is your home or you can just play some random game

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