here is interesting app which is called just go travel social club um let's install it and see how it works uh jessica is a community that brings together like-minded travelers a spying or in global trotters and go-getters network join meetups and discuss the latest travel bus so collectively they can become better travelers save money and enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer you can think of it as the coolest travel social club around and it's free to join so yep and this app was created by drewbinski expert world traveler who visited all 197 countries in the world before turning 30 so yeah that's the idea so you can just open the app here and then yeah to create an account just proceed with your first last name or continue with this social media options for me it's just curious here to discover what this app is about okay so so now it's just loading your personalized just call activity feed so there is some checklist let's explore it connect network and autonomy tabs so what you get with this app opportunity to attend real life exclusive meetups around the world access to a valuable next level network of travelers vip access to exclusive products live sessions with drew okay similar interest keep going so what's next here so now it's just like a social network which is posted here then i can just like it i can see previous comments you can share more cancel and then i can just follow i can say hello that's the idea and then you can set your location then you have all these messages then you can tap plus and just share what's on your mind and then you can just post it it's like a social network um discovery i'm just curious to see like for example if i want to explore some interesting spots to go to so this is a public ball so you can see some of the ideas here and then you can see members and then okay so here are some topics which i want to follow so for example topic places to go and then you just see here a community of travelers from all around the world who are posting all these pictures uh all these photos from anywhere you can connect with them you can post videos you can say hello you can see their activities so that's basically the idea like a lot of travelers here are have traveled all around the world from you know like dozens of countries some of the people like hundreds of countries around the world have been traveling and it's a really nice app to just hang out with those people and yeah get more experience and if you're up for traveling that's the definitely the app you need to be and that's the community you need to go to then you have your account you can follow more topics uh then you can just see your activity you can see your personal settings if you want i think you can delete your account if you you can also invite people add friends and then add a chat so then if you want to chat with someone you can just i don't know say hello or how it works so that's basically how you can message someone you can follow um so that's the idea and that's basically yeah and then yeah you can see all the topics and that's basically the idea um [Music] yeah then you have your profile so that's basically just like very quick overview of the app and that's how it's it works and that's what this app is about so definitely give it a try if you're into traveling that's one of the apps you should definitely download and get it

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