JusTalk app - full overview

hello everyone so here is just talk app uh which which is in the top charts in us app store this is the app where you can have like uh easy video chats or audio chats um in this app is not like you know some video chat with stranger something like omega monkey app i would say it's more like skype it's just like a better looking version of skype so here you have all your chats in the first app then you have all your calls and then you have friends tab and then you can discover um so here yeah you can just add new friends just tap add friends and just search by phone number or just stock id so you can just add it like this uh then you can if you tap on the username you can see all the options so you can either call you can do video chat you can send a message so here is the chat where you can send images you can send all these stickers emojis you can send like you can draw something uh then you can send like name cards scheduling meeting all of that so you can just do that and then for example if i want to do like i can yeah i can do a video call and all of that uh so that's basically it then there are some gifts uh and there are some rewards for using the app so i'm just typing here so then i can just place this order so there you have it you can order some t-shirt in top right you can create new chat you can scan other people and that's the way to basically get access to their contacts you can add your own photo there is your wallet just talk points i don't know what that is so enjoy bonus points climbing 32 000 points today you can earn points point center activity so you can have that premium family share premium with your family global phone calls without number so you you see all these packages here world for 500 minutes unlimited minutes in us uh so yeah here you have also your settings in case you are not happy with the with the app just scroll down here in the settings and then you can tap to delete your account delete your account from just stock permanently remove your contacts memories call logs and then you can just remove your account there are also social accounts where you can add apple or facebook you can generate your qr code you can add a photo like here is your just stock id so i'm not sure if you can change it you can change your password country and then there is also help and feedback if you want to get there so that's the idea then there is your theme stickers memories so that's that moments you can share your moments your daily moments basically something like instagram um then you can just create new meeting join immediate schedule and meet in a large meeting so yeah this section is purely like the interface looks like zoom but maybe you can just use this app instead of like you know using zoom if if like zoom is uh annoying for you or you just got tired of that then you have free global calls earn credits to make global calls here so that's basically that then you have chats ringtone stickers memories uh so that's basically what you can try out so that's the app i think pretty interesting app here again you have all these things like so just talk premiere what's that uh you can get that uh if you want i have hd plus quality video calls hd plus on wi-fi hd plus on 2g 3g 4g with your recordings you can have one free video recording per month you can have voice recording large meeting up to 50 people group video calls games just checkpoints phone number stickers for calls stickers for chat seams ringtones you can then hide advertisement so how much is that so you can have all this feature for one month 9.99 per month six months 34.99 or 12 months 54.99 so you can have that uh yeah so i i'm i'm personally impressed with this app there are so much features it's just combines like this video chat apps like it combines skype zoom also like you can do all these global calls to people you can chat um so it's like also like messenger so yeah nice app great design like very minimalistic looking app yeah so hope hope that was helpful and yeah thank you for watching this video also feel free to check out my blog i also run a podcast mr hacker about cool apps and software and that's about it

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