JusTalk app - how to create an account?

hello everyone so here is the app which is called just talk video chat and calls so let's just try to install it on iphone so it's around 100 megabytes um so 101 so here you can do like high quality video calls you can share the moment doodle on the face group video chat chat in dark mode same more than words gaming call express yourself so all these features it's a free high quality video voicing group calling up for everyone so you can make hd quality voice or video calls with your friends and family for free more than calling say more than tags share your moments cross-platform private and secure low data usage so yeah pretty fun app 41k ratings and it's in the top chart in us app store so here you can allow data tracking it means which means they will run ads like as you can see right now so then you can just sign up so let's try to sign up here then you can just add your birthday uh you can then see a just a doc id so you can change it if you want then you can set a password okay let's just do a suggested strong password verify social account the phone number or you can just continue with apple and usually i just select continuous apple to sign in with my account then you can give access to all of that give access to microphone camera and there you have it that's how you create an account in just stock app so as you can see super like nice slim design easy interface and there you have it so that's the app and i will do a bigger overview in the next video this was just about how you get started how you create an account um yeah something like that

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