JustFit Lazy Workout app - overview & how to use

here's interesting app which is called just fit lazy workout so let's install it and see how it works so let's just use Touch ID to install it home at Fitness and weight loss so yeah some people like go to the gym but for a lot of people you know either it's like it can be expensive it can be a lot commute some people like introverts some people like to work out at home it's faster more comfortable and it's the future honestly I think so there are more and more apps like this so let's just go here uh and then and then you need to answer some questions uh to create more personalized plan um so here you can select this then you can just select your high height uh what's your weight let's say like this um yeah let's say uh so then you select this uh select your age and then yeah then you select those and then yeah so that's basically the process uh foreign so it's pretty cool I'm just curious if it will allow me to to see the plan if I don't subscribe or I don't upgrade because a lot of these apps uh they just create this plan and then instantly you need to upgrade and you can't use them wow so it's like pretty great okay so that's what I was saying uh get your personalized plan and 12 months five dollars per month which you can get uh and then there is some free trial but yeah what if I Okay so um uh yeah so that's basically that so then if you want to uh see that and then you can see this sets four minutes uh so yeah that's what you can do it's pretty cool actually physical limitations workout duration muscle groups then you can see workouts body specific workouts you can have them here then you can see activities uh then you can just give access it's your steps data so yeah and then you can see your profile so yeah that's basically and then you can see all these dashboards so something like that uh yeah that's the app a really nice design you can get started like this but then I think if you want to use this app seriously you will need to upgrade

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