JustFit Lazy Workout - app overview

here is just fit Fitness app and it's a cool little app where um yeah you can create your personal training plan and just follow it so that's and it has very minimalistic easy to use design because there are like so many these fitness apps these days but that's what you have so you can have uh all these workouts activities but basically when you create your account you are pushed to uh you have to create an account with a a specific workout plan and then you just doing that and then you have all this like program for you so you have all these exercises which you can use and then you just need to follow that for specific periods of time and yeah you can see that workouts are super simple it's like four minutes uh super easy size 45 30 seconds and then you you see is it easy explanations [Music] um and that's very like I especially like the design and like usability of this app because I don't have a lot of these buttons and unnecessary design super easy super like clean clean design and then you just follow this uh workout depending either you want to uh burn abs fat for example or you want to strengthen your upper body or lower body your legs your biceps whatever you just create this personalized plan for for this uh in this app then you just have all this workout you can see specific workouts for each part of your body ABS back legs butt arms shoulder chest uh you can see bad workouts for beginners you can see some hot workouts here um stay home stay fit hot in new workouts simple and effective so yeah all of this you can see and then you can see activities and you can see how many calories you burned you can see how many steps uh you did you can add more activities yourself and of course it's automatically seeing from your house kit on iOS then you just have your profile you can always reach out to the support you can see your weight you can see your you can lock your white you can set M on your weight and then just follow this as a journal and then just have this uh as your like default fitness app is I tried few of those apps and this seems like a super simple to use that's very important it's very motivational nice looking app because these are the apps you want to open like every day and look at this workouts it should be easy to use and it should be like easy for you to get to yeah basically work out every day and stay motivated so try it out this app definitely I think it's a it's a nice uh nice product

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