K-Collect app - what is it?

hey everyone so here is k collect app it's growing in charts and it says it's the first ever social media platform specifically designed for collecting kpop merchandise connect with kpop fans across the globe post about your favorite group solos bands and discuss with other fans worldwide share your connections with like-minded people create your virtual collection on your profile and share it with others build your wishlist and keep track of what you have and need find new artists you love customize your profile so you can view your collection you can see album and photo card collecting see what photo cards an album has individual photo card images uh profiles follow other users interact with others so then you can just tap open and yeah here you can just create an account um that's how it works and i love the idea of an app for keep pop collectors earlier like the photo card however as someone who focuses more on collecting the physical albums i really wish there was a way to mark albums that i have not just through photo cards yeah so something around that um okay i will try to create an account guys and then i will just uh go back and do another explainer video

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