Keyboards & Emojis - app overview

hello so here is the app just called keyboards and emojis so we can install it tap cat to install it like use the touch id to install uh and then yeah it's i think it's one of the most popular apps to use in these categories you can use it in all apps and messengers dark mode and then you know with all these additional fonts and uh result keyboard customizations you can really stand out in text messages stories post descriptions your bios social yeah uh of course there is also like a subscription but yeah let's just go through the app uh express your mood so here you can see all the different types of phones and there are also bunch of apps in this category but yeah basically the idea is that uh yeah you have just these fonts in the uh yeah uh additional keyboards which you can use uh and then uh to use this app you need to upgrade there is like a trial three days free and then 6.99 per week but let's just explore so yeah you can go to app settings type keyboards switch on keyboards and mojo switch allow full access so that's basically how you can get this keyboard um so yeah just tap the button and then there's keyboards and then you can just enable toggles this one and then basically after you do that this keyboard will appear among your keyboards so that's basically the idea also you can go to settings i guess keyboard keyboards add new keyboard and then there is this one so yeah that's basically the idea uh so something around that you can also do this so hope that is helpful um that's the app i won't be upgrading now but yeah if you want to upgrade and try it out you can have free trial for three days but yeah then if you want to cancel it you need to cancel it at latest after two days because i think it's a standard 24 hour period and if you cancel after like two and a half days you will be charged the first month so just for you to know so there you have it hope it is helpful

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