Kick: Live Streaming iPhone app - WHAT IS IT? FULL OVERVIEW

Kick: Live Streaming iPhone App - What is it? Full Overview

In the world of live streaming, Geek has been making waves recently. According to the video transcript, this iOS app is one of the fastest-growing applications for live streaming, and currently sitting on top charts in the US app store. So, what is it exactly? Let's dive deeper into a full overview of the app.

Geek is an alternative for Twitch and is specifically focused on live streaming. The website and the app are quite different from YouTube in that they only cater to live-streaming content. The website has been highly popular, and recently, the iPhone app was introduced. Even though there might be some bugs or issues, it's an ideal time for streamers to join the community.

With a more lenient view on content creation and opinion, Geek aims to bridge the gap between creators and the Geek service. The focus is entirely on streaming and providing streamers with the right tools and subscription splits to monetize their content. Join a global streaming fan community and connect with other users and influencers who share your passions.

The app offers a minimalistic design with all major functionalities and settings located on the website. You can browse through streams in different categories, such as Just Chatting, Fortnite, GTA, and Call of Duty. You can also follow categories and streamers and stay up-to-date with the latest gossip from your favorite stars, teams, and leagues.

Setting up a stream via Geek is different from YouTube as you need your own set up and a tool such as restream. Moreover, the app itself does not have integrated streaming functionalities. Instead, you will need to use your channel's information to stream to the app.

Lastly, the website has more features than the app, such as Subscriptions, Payment History, Payment Methods, Profile, and Security. Unfortunately, the website does not have an option to delete your account, which can be a bit strange.

In conclusion, Geek is a new, exciting app that offers a different take on live streaming. It's an ideal app for streamers to join and become part of the community from the beginning, and it's an excellent alternative for Twitch. Check out the app and let us know what you think.

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