KICK STREAMING APP - Quick overview

here is kick streaming app it's getting some traction it's becoming more and more popular so here is just like a quick overview for you um so yeah I think it's one of the alternatives to Twitch app it's not only gaming here you can see a lot of live categories you can see a chatting you can see music GTA games League of Legends fortnite Call of Duty a lot of games obviously primary mainly it's a gaming streaming app but there are a lot of different categories in this app as well you can see a lot of channels uh yeah currently there is no mobile app there is no iOS there is no Android app so it is what it is you can always reach out there are support like this then you can just browse here you can just browse live channels as well as some categories then you can see what you're following you can discover people you can go to some Channel um you can just go and and click here and then you can just tap give a like and that's how you follow um you can also subscribe to the streamer for like 4.99 um you can see chat you can see all the links here um yeah that's basically what it is um then you just go to your profile that's your profile here you can just go and create your Channel um you can chat in your own channel and then just basically start uploading videos I guess um or start streaming I don't know actually how to do it here uh how to because I didn't do it before but that's basically what it is so here you have that then you have just your profile have Channel we have settings you can see your profile information you can edit Avatar username then you can add all this Twitter information uh and then yeah you can just see your stream URL and key to use it for live streams then there is like some security settings you can enable DFI you can change your password and then yeah just some notifications so yeah that's basically an idea and also they have this wallet setting I don't know what that is exactly it's as quick is the new way to transfer value between creators and viewers like never before instant transactions alongside in increased limitations kick will will charge zero percent fee on both customers and creators for transactions and yeah so that's basically the idea of it uh yeah so something like that um there you have it um so yeah that's the app as I said yeah it's not available on Android or iOS yet that's what it is at the moment but yeah hope that's helpful in case you're just wondering what this app is it's getting some traction you can see sometimes there are like 10 000 viewers sometimes there's 120 sometimes 400 so of course it's not yet nearly there but which is but it may be you know some Niche or you want to discover some new audience that's definitely a good start where you can just gain some popularity in this Niche website before going to Twitch or just expand your audience and all of that that just can be a nice app to try out

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