Kinkoo app - there is an issue with registration

hello so here is kinko app uh it's in the top charts of the social networking and it's like really interesting dating app uh so you can see here all the details uh so yeah some apps are really good if you uh if you yeah like if you know some specific niche or like category of people you like or you is fun to hang out with then just use this app uh instead of tinder or like you know bumble or some other like very general app where there are like so many people and it's just much harder so here you can just open the app and to create an account you can just log into this facebook sign in with apple sign in with my address so then let's just sign in with apple id and let's see how that works oh there is something wrong with internet connection so now yeah let's just create that so for some reason i can't create an account don't know what the issue is here but so that's it yeah for some reason i can't create an account

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