KIPPO - dating app for gamers - how to create an account?

hello everyone so heroes keeper app which is a dating app for gamers so let's try to install it go through it and see how is it different from tinder or badu or bumble and some other popular gaming apps what says here kipo is a modern daytona for gamers it's easier than ever to make friends finders and connect with local gamers and worldwide with skipper's unique profile system build beautiful interactive information rich profiles through card decks and that are fun and easy to fill out keeper connect thousands of gamers daily see what others are saying interesting app you can see here 1500 ratings because this app is just started to search in the top charts in the us app store in like social networking category there is 3.8 out of 5 average writing probably it will improve in the future uh so it says like it's cool but after swiping through the limited amount of people in the day identify people who like the same games i did the first day i used it but i thought that's what fine for the first day and so the the concern here is that it has like a limited number of profiles yeah i think that's the the common problem from a lot of dating apps especially new dating apps where like there is just not enough of profiles but let's just sign in with apple to create your account or you can sign in with email and here yep that's my first name you can just i can then just pick my username and then i need to select my birthdate which profiles do you want to see pick the best photos you don't need to choose for photos we need to add four photos to continue so i had some like different photos just like for the test so for the best experience you can allow notifications maybe not you can allow locations while using the app so then okay it doesn't allow you to work unless you sign up for the notifications so let's just search for that so here we just try to search for the app um it should be it should be found somewhere here or you can just go by alphabet real quick and then no it's not here like i'm just curious why it's not there maybe i just need to reload it so i just reloaded the settings here it is so now it is here okay i will allow notifications so you're happy and i can create an account so build your profile or start matching so i'm trying to press any of these buttons but it doesn't work yet so yeah i think that's the process here might be because of screen recordings for some bugs but i just tried to show you how to create an account and keep potential hope that is helpful

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