How to add a kitten filter in Zoom (like in the meme)?

So, you probably just seen this viral meme video.

How to add kitten filter in Zoom?

There is no such filter in Zoom itself, so you will need to download an additional app – Snapcamera.

  1. Go to Snapcamera website and download – either for Mac or Windows.
  2. From Snapcamera you can select much more filters than in Zoom. Search for “kitten” or “cat”.
  3. Go to Zoom – Settings – Video. In Camera tab select Snap Camera. This way you will replace your current video camera with Snapcamera filter.
  4. Enjoy, now you have a kitten filter in your Zoom meetings.

Here is a video overview how to turn yourself into a kitten in Zoom.

How to remove kitten filter in Zoom?

To remove kitten filter in Zoom:

  1. Go to Zoom Settings – gear icon in the top right.
  2. Go to Video and in Camera tab switch back from SnapCamera to your original camera.
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