Kiwi - music with friends - Buggy, few glitches

so i'm going here through this app tv music with friends and seems the idea is just really nice it's like a burial uh for music but there are still a few bugs here and there and you can understand it because this app is just early prototype so some people say that widget won't show up i don't see the video option when i go to add it to my widgets so in that case also it was for me in locket widgets so make sure to restart the app or start your iphone and then it showed up for me in other widgets some people can't sign up i don't know why a lot of bugs username is taken freezes i can only use it if i have spotify so now you can add apple music so just update to the latest version app not working the verification code doesn't send it works for me the newest update of that fixes the issues can add friends uh so there were few were a few bugs here and there and just make sure to update to the latest version because they're fixing this box box constantly um the app uh i love the app but i think you should be able to send more than one son a day maybe like four or two once every like six hours people are also a bit annoyed by some limit seems like there is a limit where you can only send one song which is insane also uh it's not possible to edit profiles so for example if i just show you here and then just type in top right and then uh tap here on profile and then as you can see it's not possible to edit or change the profile picture and all of that so that's not possible um you can change your name so yeah when you create an account and all that is just fixed and it's not possible to add it or change it and uh after that um so that's basically the idea uh the app doesn't work so yeah that's what it is um yeah hope uh you got the idea uh you can always reach out to support so you can tap app support and then that's how you reach out [Music] info at so something like that

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