Klassly app - how to install and create an account?

hello so here is classly app for my classroom app uh so to install it on iphone just tap get in your app store and the size is 130 megabytes so then you can just install it so with this app you can just share peaks videos voice on your timeline share information with your students families in real time and then yeah so this is kind of the app which which is designed for teachers students and parents so it combines all of these groups in one place so let's just try to open it up parent-teacher communication for teachers sharing unique moments and communicate easily for parents absence delay at appointment and then yeah let's go so then you just need to enter your phone number then you just need to complete your profile and just end your password and then here is your account and then you can choose to see notifications or not so that's that then you can join existing class create a new class you can explore also demo class and there is your account you can add kids you can add to subscriptions you can get on calls you can get on chats there are photo books so there you have it that's the idea                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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