Klassly Teacher’s app - how to use? Full overview

hello so let's dive into classly app which is developed by classroom and this app is pretty cool actually because this involves parent-teacher relations so it both an app for parents or for teachers um where you can just and also for students or for kids so you have all these three groups together and you can just easily communicate and follow the studying process so for example this is the app this is how it looks like and the idea is that it's like a social media so you can like a teacher you can post some updates about kids your parents can also see that updates or they can add some additional information and also kids students can participate in that so here you can just join an existing class so you just need a class key or yeah enter a class key you can create a new class as well so yeah i don't know like something like that customize the classroom so this is the way to create a class and then you just need to create a school so status here you just select your status is your teacher administration parent relative and your position so school i just tried to find something anyway so that's the idea then you create the class um then you when you join specific class with pupils with other people you can start a conversation you can participate in calls you can start a conference then you can instantly create the class book so i think that's the other product from the company which created the classly and then you have your menu where you have your profile your kids so you can add kids here subscriptions preferences you can change the language enable demo class didn't disturb mode security um then if you want to delete your account you can just do that in the very bottom so that's that of course if you participate in some real school you will just see a much bigger like overview what what this app can do but yeah basically it's like a social feed so you can see here where you can share peaks videos voice memos on your timeline and share messages uh and all of that have chats with teachers see calendar have video conferences all of that so super cool app so definitely give it a try leave your views below like what do you think about this what are the alternatives have you used it what are some issues or any of that just leave it in the comments and below visit my website misterhack.org where i have the online community and forum where you can ask additional questions and thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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