so i'm trying to use clover app for instant cache and for some reason i just can't log in and they're like bunch of bugs and yeah it's just uh doesn't work so i don't know i tried to reset my password i yeah i just used normal email and then i reset password i was able to do that successfully and then i tried to log in with new password and it doesn't work and i can't access it it just says incorrect password however i i'm pretty sure i entered the right one maybe this app is not accessible outside of your ass maybe there are some other bugs and and stuff like that but i'm just curious if if you have some similar issues what did you do like what who are your solutions so i'm just talking about like this app this is one of the top apps to get instant cash for example if you instantly need to get like ten dollars or something like that uh yeah you need to to get this uh app so yeah this one but for some reason doesn't work for me there are a bunch of bugs however the average rating is pretty high so 4.7 out of 5. so fast and easy not so bad some people say eventually stops working poor customer support stay away great until not so great could be better uh so yeah something around it uh yep that's the idea i hope it is helpful

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