here is the app called naomi ai face editor and quizzes so let's just try to install it um and yeah it's it's in the top charts uh it's an amazing all-around app you have an article it's just like a swiss army knife which brings different funny functions together and you can just try all these functionalities around your um your faces and your avatars and all of that so you can try cartoons palm reading gender swap funny cosplay meditation music quizzes or just explore yourself or see how you can look in like 50 years or something so baby prediction time machine palm reading so all of these like you know viral features which weren't uh viral in a lot of apps in this app you can just see and combine them in one place uh so that's that um so let's just open up this app and see how it works so basically this is the app if you you know just want to have some fun with your phone just you know take play with your selfies and also just you know play some quizzes um all of that that can be an app to use it um so you can uh start with the free trials there is 7.99 per week which i would say is like pretty expensive so that's like eight dollars per week right so it's like more than 32 dollars per month like 33 dollars per month that's uh yeah that's a actually a quite big price but there you have it you have meditation cosplay gender swap cartoon effect baby prediction time machine so quizzes ai effect time machine you need to give access to camera and let's just see if this app really can uh you know do that for free or you need to upgrade maybe you can just see the preview if you want to share save it or do something with it uh then uh you will need to pay okay yeah so that's exactly that uh so uh yeah if you want to try per week that's super expensive but of course you can just try for one week or just 67.99 per year so there you have it uh you can give five stars and then uh yeah you can just if you write this f of five stars you can then just unlock it and then again you need to upgrade so [Music] so yeah every time you need to unlock so that's that uh so yep unfortunately you need to pay to try out this app uh so that's that uh you don't even need to create an account or anything but also there are all these quizzes if your money making game doesn't pay you it's something please it's your game um so yeah this this app has quite aggressive monetization i need to say i mean maybe it makes sense if they just launched this app you know and they just want to really aggressively monetize it kind of makes sense okay so i'll just reload it and then i'll just open it up so then continue to that of course i think if you upgrade you won't be seeing all of these ads so that's that then you have baby prediction app cartoon effect palm reading gender swap let's see if you can do a quiz uh [Music] you

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