Kodansha Manga app - can’t create an account…

There is a new official Kodansha manga app that was just released on the app store. Users can download the app easily and read all their favorite manga titles on Kodansha's official app. What is even better is that users can read currently serialized manga right as they are released. In addition, Kodansha's hit manga is available for users to read for free every day.

All-time favorites and exclusive originals can also be read on Kodansha Manga app as they release in Japan only on this app. The app has a vast collection of manga titles available for users to read. So, for manga lovers, this app is definitely worth a try.

Unfortunately, users have reported an issue where they cannot create an account after downloading the app. This issue seems to have frustrated many users who are eager to access the app's contents. The Kodansha team has acknowledged this issue and is working on resolving it.

Despite this issue, Kodansha Manga app is gaining more popularity and gaining high rankings on the app store. Because of this, there might be delays in accessing the app, as there are lots of people currently trying to access it.

The Kodansha Manga app aims to provide a central location for manga enthusiasts to read and enjoy their favorite titles. It also offers a convenient way for users to access only the newest releases so that they can stay up to date on the latest stories.

In conclusion, Kodansha Manga app offers a comprehensive library of manga titles that is easily accessible via the app store. However, the issue of not being able to create an account is preventing users from being able to access the app's contents. Hopefully, with time, this issue will be resolved, allowing users to enjoy the vast collection of manga available on the app.

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