Koo app - Know what’s happening - how to use? Full overview

Here's an app called Koo. Know what's happening. Multi-image. So yeah, this is basically a super easy micro-blogging app. So basically simplified version of Twitter. So in case you're looking for some alternatives to Twitter, this app is rising in the charts.

It's not that popular as Mastodon, Blue Sky, or even like True Social or something like that. But it's also getting some traction. This app has been around for a while, but it still works. There are some niche communities, so you can just sign up easily with your Google or Apple account. Then this is how it looks like. So very similar to Twitter. You can see your feed. That's the people you follow, basically.

So, I just created my account. You can see some guides, like how to make the most of Koo. You can update your profile and share your thoughts to get some followers. You can also follow other people and follow hashtags. Hashtags are available here, along with trending tags. You can also view and start conversations in messages. Direct messages are also available, and you can enable or disable them. Notifications are displayed in the top left, and your profile can be accessed from there as well.

Within your profile, you can add photos, edit your profile, and customize your handle, username, name, profession, bio, education, work experience, and social links such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Changing your profile picture and adding photos is easy, and they will be reflected in your banner.

If you want to migrate from Twitter, there is a button to perform a migration. It allows you to find your Twitter following and follow them on Koo. You can also transfer your tweets from Twitter to Koo by signing in with your Twitter account.

Creating a Koo is very easy. People who create at least 10 Koos have a higher likelihood of being noticed by users. The app encourages users to try Kooing every day with fresh and engaging thoughts. Koos are similar to tweets on Twitter and can be seen by your friends and in trending lists. You can also find your friends and invite them from your contacts. Comments, retweets, and additional comments are displayed beneath each Koo.

When posting something, you can add images, videos, and quotes. There are comment preferences and a character limit. Threads can also be created for longer discussions. After posting, you have the option to delete or edit your Koo. Additionally, you can post in different languages, which is an interesting feature.

Overall, Koo is a simplistic version of Twitter and is gaining popularity as an alternative in specific countries, possibly in Latin America. The app's user base is growing, although the exact number is unknown. It seems that some people are trying it out as a Twitter alternative. Trending Koos can also be explored within the app.

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