KROGER APP - coupons, shopping - quick preview

hello everyone so here is kroger app so let's try to install it so this is the yeah you can just use your face id or touch id uh yeah so you this is one of the top apps to do your shopping so discover what's fresh in the app browse savings and purchase your products whenever you need and whenever you are so you can buy all these groceries here you can save you can order tracking you can buy in-store with this app so you can yeah you can just use this app for a faster shopping experience when you're in the kroger stores so you this app has 900 000 plus ratings 4.8 out of 5 average review so that's pretty incredible that's what it's one of the top apps for uh you know like doing the grocery shoppings and all of that so let's just open the app and let's see how it works in case you're doing the app first time so then yeah you can just create your account here tab create account you can just share your location or just enter postal code and so you can just do that okay oh then just share my location so for some reason this app is uh doesn't really work right now okay so for some reason i can't create an account or i can just continue without an account yeah it seems because so many people are using this app right now that maybe it is just overloaded um so yeah but that's basically how you create your account um you just can use this app for using four hundred dollars in digital coupons there are all these weekly uh discounts and all of that so really nice app to know if you're doing grocery shoppings just to bring your attention and you can get some money back cash back so definitely give a try to this app

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