Lapse app - can’t create an account easily….

The Lapse app has garnered a fair share of negative reviews in the App Store, primarily due to its challenging account creation process. Upon downloading the app, users are greeted with a slideshow emphasizing how it differs from other social media platforms. However, in an unexpected turn, the app requires users to send an invite link to a minimum of five friends before they can even create an account.

This approach has irked many users who find it intrusive and disregardful of their privacy. Adding to the frustration, Lapse does not allow users to save their pictures, as they disappear shortly after being captured. Understandably, this feature limitation has led to further criticism and dissatisfaction among users.

While some regard these aggressive tactics as a gross hacking technique employed by the app, others hope that future updates will address these concerns. It is worth noting that the app has undergone significant redesigns and introduced numerous new features over time. Nevertheless, several bugs still persist, hampering the overall user experience.

Despite the issues, many acknowledge the underlying concept behind Lapse as a commendable idea. However, it is imperative that the developers reconsider their strategy of coercing users into inviting others to the app. Throughout the years, various iterations of the app have been tested, and it remains to be seen whether the company will adjust their approach in the future.

The author has personally tried the app on multiple occasions, including one year ago, a few months ago, and most recently. The ever-evolving nature of Lapse's design indicates the developers' commitment to improving the user experience. It is hoped that future updates will address the concerns raised by the challenging account creation process and the disappearing picture feature.

In conclusion, while the current account creation method and disappearing picture feature of the Lapse app have garnered negative feedback, its potential remains intact. Users who have experienced the app's various versions recognize the continuous effort to improve. Thus, the hope remains that the developers will reevaluate their approach and rectify the issues voiced by users.

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