Lapse app requires to share your contacts just to sign up🤔

The Lapse app has been receiving mixed reactions lately due to its requirement of sharing contacts in order to sign up. While many users appreciate the app's nostalgic disposable camera vibe, the insistence on sharing contacts before even creating a free account has raised concerns among users.

To access the app, users must grant permission for Lapse to access their contact list and then proceed to share invitations with at least five people. Some individuals have even reported being prompted to invite up to eight people. This has left users feeling uncomfortable about sharing their personal information with acquaintances or strangers. It is not ideal for users to suddenly find themselves obligated to share photos with people they hardly know and then have that access immediately removed from their phones.

Unsurprisingly, some users have expressed their hesitations about participating in an app that forces them into such a situation. The lack of control over their own contacts and the potential privacy risks associated with sharing personal information with others have become points of contention for many.

It remains uncertain whether the makers of Lapse are aware of the negative feedback, or if they have plans to address this issue. Perhaps, if they observe a surge in one-star ratings or face pressure from users, they may consider revising or removing this aggressive feature.

For now, the Lapse app stands as an example of a potentially innovative tool marred by an intrusive requirement. Hopefully, the developers will take note of user concerns and work towards finding a better balance between functionality and user privacy.

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