Lapse app - tap on orange button and nothing happens

Many users of the Lapse app have recently been experiencing a peculiar issue where tapping on the orange button fails to yield any results. This has left them wondering why nothing happens when they interact with the button. Allow us to shed some light on the matter.

When you tap on the orange button within the Lapse app, you may indeed feel perplexed as nothing seems to occur. However, this is not a glitch or an error in the app's functionality. Rather, it is a deliberate design choice.

The purpose of the orange button is to act as a trigger for viewing snaps. But rather than instantly displaying the snaps upon a single tap, the app requires you to hold down the button for them to appear. It's a bit of an unconventional approach, and it can certainly be confusing for first-time users.

To clarify, simply tapping on the orange button will not initiate anything. You need to hold your finger on the button to trigger the display of snaps. Once you hold it down, you will witness your snaps gradually developing and becoming visible on the screen.

It's understandable that this design decision might cause some initial confusion. Even the narrator of the video transcript mentioned feeling a bit perplexed at first. However, by following the instructions to tap and hold, you will be able to access and enjoy your snaps seamlessly.

So remember, the key to using the Lapse app effectively lies in holding down the orange button. This unconventional approach may take a bit of getting used to, but once you grasp the concept, you will be able to view your snaps effortlessly.

In conclusion, if you find yourself tapping the orange button in the Lapse app and wondering why nothing is happening, don't fret. Simply hold down the button, and you will soon enjoy a delightful display of your snaps. As always, we appreciate innovative design choices that offer unique user experiences.

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