LAPSE app - you need to invite 5 people to create an account….

The LAPSE app, currently gaining popularity, has been climbing charts and attracting significant attention among users. This app functions as a digital disposable camera, allowing users to capture and send images that disappear after being viewed. However, there is one significant hurdle that users must overcome in order to access this app for the first time — they must invite at least five friends. This requirement has proven to be quite frustrating for many individuals, as expressed in various reviews and feedback.

Some users find it annoying that they are compelled to add three people initially, and furthermore, the suggested contacts may not necessarily be individuals they wish to interact with. After that, the app mandates inviting five more people from the user's established contacts. Consequently, a portion of potential users is discouraged from even trying out the app, due to the imposition of sharing their contacts. This restriction has led some users to label the app as unusable and criticize its user experience.

A more logical approach, according to some users, could involve allowing individuals to access the app without the need for invitations. They suggest that users should be able to try out the app and determine whether they like it before being prompted to recommend it to others. Alternatively, the app could limit certain features until users have successfully recommended it to their friends. This gradual unlocking of additional features would provide an incentive for users to share, without hindering their initial experience.

It remains unclear whether there are any workarounds or loopholes to bypass the invite requirement. Some users speculate that the app may have undergone changes in design and name since they were able to join without needing any invitations. Unfortunately, the current state of the app necessitates these invites, leaving users perplexed and frustrated.

As the popularity of the LAPSE app continues to surge, it is essential for its developers to take into account the feedback from users and consider implementing changes that provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience. By reassessing the invite requirement and exploring alternative methods of encouraging user recommendations, the app has the potential to improve and meet the expectations of its growing user base.

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