LAPSE/Journal by Lapse app - how to use? Full overview

LAPSE/Journal by Lapse App - How to Use? Full Overview

LAPSE/Journal by Lapse app is currently making waves in the photo and video category in the US App Store. It's gaining popularity for its unique concept that combines elements of a disposable camera and a social networking app. With a nostalgic feel reminiscent of early Instagram, LAPSE/Journal offers a fresh take on social media.

The main idea behind LAPSE/Journal is to turn your phone into a disposable camera. When you take a photo, it remains a mystery until it develops at a random time later in the day. You can then share your snaps with friends on your feed and witness the week unfold. The app automatically creates a monthly photo dump on your profile, allowing you to curate your favorite snaps into albums.

Unlike other platforms, LAPSE/Journal is designed for friends, not followers. This creates a more intimate and personal experience within the app. Let's take a look at how to navigate and utilize some of the key features.

Upon opening the app, you will find an interface resembling a disposable camera. You can take photos, enable/disable the flashlight, and wait for the snaps to develop. Typically, it takes around one day for the snaps to fully develop. Once developed, you can tap and hold the snap to view it. From there, you have the option to delete, archive, or share the snap.

The app adds interesting filters to your snaps, reminiscent of disposable cameras. You can also add notes and tag friends in your photos. Additionally, you have the option to share your snaps on Instagram and Snapchat. LAPSE/Journal offers unique features such as submitting to be featured and hidden favorites. The app is constantly evolving, with more features being developed.

However, it's worth noting that accessing the app can be a bit challenging at the moment. You need to invite at least five friends to join in order to gain access. Despite this limitation, LAPSE/Journal continues to attract users due to its nostalgic feel and the increasing quality of smartphone cameras. It presents an opportunity to capture moments in a unique and creative way.

The app also offers a Friends section where you can add friends through QR codes or by searching for usernames. You can edit your profile details, change your display name, and upload a profile photo. There is also an option to add your favorite snaps from your camera roll.

LAPSE/Journal features a "Featured" section where you can discover and explore photos from other users. This curated feed resembles the early days of Instagram and showcases some impressive filters. Submitting your own photos for a chance to be featured and gain a special tag on your journal is possible. These features indicate that the app is still in its early stages of development.

In terms of communication, LAPSE/Journal allows users to send messages via the inbox. Moreover, there is an "Instants" feature that resembles a Burial copy. These instants appear instantly and are deleted after sending, making them viewable only once.

As with any app in its early stages, there are some bugs and ongoing development. The app's developers are receptive to user feedback and encourage users to reach out via with any ideas or concerns.

In conclusion, LAPSE/Journal by Lapse app offers a unique concept that combines the charm of disposable cameras with the convenience of social networking. It presents an opportunity to capture and share moments in a nostalgic and creative manner. While there are still some features being developed and bugs to be ironed out, LAPSE/Journal has the potential to become a popular platform for photo enthusiasts seeking a new way to document their lives.

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