Have you ever wished you could turn your phone into a disposable camera? Well, now you can with the LAPSE/JOURNAL app by Lapse. This unique app allows you to take photos that are stored secretly until they randomly develop later in the day, just like a disposable camera. You can share your snaps with friends on your feed and watch your week unfold. The app even automatically creates a monthly photo dump on your profile. With LAPSE/JOURNAL, it's all about capturing moments for friends, not followers.

Using the app is simple. Just open it up and point your camera at whatever catches your eye. You have the option to enable a wide zoom feature for more creative shots. The app also adds a satisfying click sound to replicate the experience of using a real disposable camera. Need some extra light? No problem, you can enable flash with a simple tap. There are also three modes of zoom available to enhance your photos.

The Friends Feed section allows you to connect with others on the app. You can add friends by searching for their username. While the app may be a bit buggy in this regard, as it has recently gained popularity, it's still a great way to connect and share your snaps with others.

The Journal feature is where you can add your favorite snaps and curate them into personal albums. It's your own digital journal that showcases your memories. After taking photos, some of your snaps will develop instantly while others remain a mystery. You'll be notified when your snaps are ready to be viewed and shared. You can then choose to archive them or share them with your friends. Adding notes or tagging someone in your photos is also possible, enhancing the storytelling aspect of your journal.

In addition to these features, LAPSE/JOURNAL offers some exciting extras. You can submit your snaps to the team from Memories and potentially get featured. If selected, you'll receive a special tag on your journal. The app also includes a messaging function to communicate with your friends. Your profile displays your photos, and you have the option to edit your details, block or report users, and even delete your account if desired. Please note that the phone number feature is coming soon, as LAPSE is still in early access mode.

With an impressive user base of over 600,000, the LAPSE/JOURNAL app has garnered attention from both enthusiasts and critics alike. Some users find the onboarding process frustrating, as it requires inviting friends before fully exploring the app's features. However, those who persist often find the app to be an enjoyable and fun experience. The camera quality, especially on devices like the iPhone 14 Pro, is highly praised. The filter options provide a nostalgic yet natural look, comparable to traditional disposable cameras.

While there are other apps in the disposable camera category, LAPSE/JOURNAL stands out for its unique features and user-friendly interface. The app has gained popularity and currently ranks high on the charts, possibly due to its viral presence on platforms like TikTok.

In conclusion, LAPSE/JOURNAL by Lapse is an app that aims to bring back the charm of disposable cameras in a digital format. It allows you to capture and share moments with friends, creating a personal journal of memories. Although some users may find the onboarding process cumbersome, the overall experience and camera quality make LAPSE/JOURNAL a worthwhile app to try. So, grab your phone and start capturing moments with LAPSE/JOURNAL today.

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