Lapse Take Together - app overview

so here is the app which is called labs take together as you can see right now it's in the top charts in your ass app store in photo and video and overall top charts about tick tock instagram so that's super impressive and this app is just released um you can take disposable photos with it so you can start a role group with your friends so it's also has like a social media element you can snap these photos together on the same roll and then you don't know how the picture looks like until the next morning and then reveal tomorrow snap develops in 24 hours okay it's not next morning just 24 hours and then you can just share it on social media so that's super cool idea um you can only take 36 shots though [Music] so there you have it as you can see it's 162 megabytes it doesn't even have any reviews here um okay let's just leave it and probably you heard about like dispo app it was uh going viral and i think it even got like massive investment from alexis ohanian um like co-founder of reddit so this app dyspo app had a similar idea you had like disposable camera you can crack create these roles and share with friends and it's like a social media since it's quite similar app but it's different um so let's just take a look what are the the features so here's uh you can create an account you can create an account not only from usa canada just all over the world you just need like uh your phone number and then you get a text message it says that it's like invite mode but i think from now you can get in um so yeah then you can just reserve your username and add a profile picture it is possible to change your handle later so no worries i i reserved my first name so that's super cool then you if you want to you can just change your profile picture on edit pencil it is still not possible to edit by or add socials at your tiktok or snapchat because the app is super early of course it will be available in the future then there is your email address and all the flash settings will come to this later but let's explore the main feature so just tap in the top right on this camera and you can snap this photo so let's just take a photo of the pencil or you can take of course photo of your friends you can change the flash settings and just tap anywhere here so it looks like uh some old school disposable camera and then the idea is that you need to send it to roll so you can either start in your with friends or your memories so your memories is means only see you see these maps snaps or you can just save it to active roles which i already created so this is my role i can also add at ease so it's like a small message i can also send this like that and there you have it after that it is sent so now when you go to the third tab you will see that these snaps are developing and you will see that this snap develops in 23 hours number 34 means that there are like only like 36 snaps available in this app so now it's only 34 because i took two you can also filter like you want to see your snaps your lapses your favorites i don't know like is how to use favorites and you can filter out where you want to see them in all groups in only my groups and in shared so something like that so yeah that's the whole process basically you can also pin snaps in your memories to create a profile page but of course i don't have snaps available yet so then of course you can send invites if you type in top left you can send five invites at the moment so keep your invites close and then when you create an app you just give access to your iphone contacts by the way um labs app is only available on iphone not android so you then you can just send invite to someone and it's just like a imessage and then you will see four invites left and pending invites left and then in top left you can just create a new role group just with some contact uh name role group and then [Music] yeah you can just communicate there you can see all your old groups here in the second tab from the left you can highlight them and this is the yeah what you can do here so this is my labs group imagine that you have this friend here you can again send pictures messages take photos as well and then send them here and then you just hang out with friends in this in this group so that's super cool then you can add members you can edit details you can see current roles [Music] you can see who is admin you can edit details so basically that's the idea here um yep so yep uh that's basically how it works yeah as i told before you can uh add your top groups and top conversations here in the highlight also in this messaging tab you can secure your account just enter your email address date of birth gender tap on the arrow and this is the way to verify your account so it's cool to have verified accounts and not have a lot of spam accounts and stuff so also you can tap to report a bug if there is something going on you can just tap here and enter some screen recording screenshot try to reproduce the steps and just report it back here in the app also i think if you have some issues or concerns you can always contact our support like here there is no way to delete your account right from the app so if you want to delete your account here if you're not happy about your date or anything just tap probably write to them here and ask to delete your account or again just contact support the way i just showed you yeah from here you can also log out but remember if you want to log back in you will need to have access to your mobile phone number because this is the only way to keep access your username and your roles and conversations so when you sign up with your phone number i created another video about that actually so just keep that have access to that and then because you'll need that to log back in so that's basically the idea of the app uh that's how it looks like it's still  of new features will be added to this app but yeah at the moment it is what it is and it's i think it's great it's in the top charts uh i actually really like dyspo app but for some reason it's kind of stopped all that hype and i don't know what happened maybe this is another attempt because for sure it's like super entertaining to create this disposable photos with friends and if they just have some kind of magic to them it's not like standard iphone photos of course are like super crisp and high quality but here when you just create this disposable photos it creates some like energy to them and it feels like they're attacking it in 90s or 2000s and yeah that's just more like a wipe or like hugely if you tell it in danish so that's the idea so i don't know what else to add amazing app amazing start i really use the developers all the inspiration to finish it up and to keep it in the top charts in the app store if you enjoyed this review please like and subscribe to my channel visit my blog personal blog mr hack.i are i always try to be forced to describe some really amazing top of the charts apps and also subscribe to my broadcast mr hakio on spotify thanks a lot see you in the next videos                                                    

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